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Edmonds Elementary PTA

PTA Board Positions


PTA Board Nominations

It is time to prepare for the 2011-2012 year and elect the new Board of the EE Parent/Teacher Association. Any parent, teacher or staff member at Edmonds Elementary is eligible to be a member of the PTA and any member of the PTA is eligible to be elected to the Board of the PTA. If nominees are not currently members, they will be contacted and offered the opportunity to join the PTA, if they would like to accept their nomination.

We have 14 positions on the PTA Board to fill. Once the elections are completed, the new board will select the positions from among the elected members. We hope the elections will bring a board with strong leadership and organizational skills to continue the excellent work EEPTA has been doing. You are welcome to nominate yourself.

All nominees will be contacted by the nominating committee to determine acceptance of nominations. All nominations must be in by March 21. Nominees will be announced in the April 4th PTA newsletter. Elections will be held at the April 19th PTA meeting. You must be a PTA member to vote in the elections. The nominating committee is Annie Floe, Lynn Lawrence & Dorothy Pierce.

PLEASE EMAIL nominations to edmondspta@gmail.com or fill out the nomination form and turn into the office.


Co President Leads meetings, coordinates Board, liaison to Principal, student council, district
Vice President Supports President, chairs one committee, liaison to staff
Co Treasurer Responsible for all financial matters of the Association, prepares reports, administers ORCA Fund, chairs Finance Committee (2 yrs accounting recommended)
Co Secretary Officer position, meeting minutes, Board correspondence, monitoring voice mail and email account
Finance Committee Chair Oversees ORCA-Thon budget, helps set PTA budget, represents EE for district budgeting
Special Events & Volunteer Chair Coordinates event committees for special family events (Harvest Party, Bingo Night, etc.), skate nights
Community Liaison Works with Special Events Chair and Promotions Chair to coordinate in school events (Staff Appreciation, etc.) and other events involving our school community.
Everyday Ways/
Promotions Chair
Works with President and Webmaster to coordinate Everyday Ways programs (SCRIP, Boxtops, Campbell's labels, etc.) and ensure Everyday Ways, special events, and PTA meetings are well publicized
Membership Chair Runs Fall membership drive serves as resource for members, handles outreach
Communications Chair www.edmondselementary.com webmaster, creates bi-monthly PTA e-newsletters, and ensures PTA content gets published in ORCA e-newsletters
WatchDOGS Chair Coordinates WatchDOGS (Dads of Great Students) program at Edmonds Elementary, including daily WatchDOG scheduling and special events.

Note: All positions may be shared by 2 people such that the title would become "co-xxxxxx", e.g. "co-secretary" and one person may have 2 positions.
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